Volunteer your skills and expertise.

Volunteer with Access Partnership!  In additional to medical and dental professionals, we are in need of individuals in our office with IT (software,hardware, programming, web design), Marketing (newsletters, brochures, and community report), event planning and fund development experience. 

enlightened General office volunteers are always welcome to help with the following tasks:

  1. accepting and inspecting donated medical supplies and equipment
  2. preparing donations for distribution
  3. inventory and data entry
  4. greeting donors and recipients
  5. answering telephones
  6. drafting letters and preparing mailings

enlightened Student Internships accepted.  Access Partnership has agreements with ECPI/MCI, EVMS MPH Program, Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, and South University and others.

            Call (757) 502-7400 for more information.  Download and complete Volunteer Application.


Volunteer Medical and Dental Professionals are needed for dental access programs, medical and dental outreaches and in Free & Charitable Clinics throughout Greater Hampton Roads.

enlightened  The Donated Dental Services (DDS) program is a direct-care service program administered by Dental Lifeline Network, a charitable affiliate of the American Dental Association.  DDS serves elderly, disabled, and medically compromised adults who cannot afford necessary dental treatment.  Unfortunately, we have many people in desperate need of dental care, but a shortage of volunteers in the area.

Thanks to generous dentists all over the country, patients in similar circumstances are relieved of their suffering through DDS
Here are some unique elements of DDS:

  • Donate your time and skills within your own practice
  • All patients are prescreened for program eligibility
  • You determine the treatment plan
  • There is never any obligation to accept referred patients 
  • There is no extra paperwork or administrative responsibilities 
  • Volunteers are never expected to pay for laboratory cost

Simply put, you care for the patient; DDS takes care of everything else.  The expressions of appreciation and gratitude from the patients make volunteering for DDS incredibly rewarding.  Through this important project, hundreds of dentists are donating comprehensive care to people who cannot afford much needed treatment because of serious disabilities, advanced age, or impaired health.

How the Program works: Each applicant completes an application which includes dental, medical and financial information.  Once an applicant is deemed eligible, the application is sent to a participating dentist for review. The dentist decides if they are willing to see the patient for an initial examination and evaluation. After the initial exam, the dentist decides if he/she is able to accept the applicant and determines a treatment plan.

Following a dentist’s acceptance the DDS Coordinator will keep in contact with both the patient and the dental office to make sure everything is going  according to the proposed treatment plan and provide assistance as needed.  If fixed or removable prostheses are included in the treatment plan, the DDS Coordinator will assist in obtaining needed lab work. We maintain a list of volunteer dental labs to assist with donated cases. Keep in mind that we notify all prospective patients that prosthetics are not a guarantee since it is at the discretion of the dentist and denture labs to determine if these  services will be donated.

Access Partnership has coordinated the DDS program since 2012 for VDA Components 1 & 2. Volunteer dentists and Dental Labs are needed throughout Greater Hampton Roads and Virginia's Eastern Shore.  Want to learn more or schedule a presentation at your office?  Call us at (757) 502-7400 

enlightened  Dental & Medical Outreaches such as Dental Access Days, Oral Cancer Screenings, Missions of Mercy (MOM), Homeless Connect, Remote Area Medical (RAM) and Clean and Screens are held periodically throughout Greater Hampton Roads.  Upcoming outreaches are posted on Access Partnership's Facebook Page.   

Dental Access Days 2016, Chesapeake, VA                                                                   Donated Dental Services Program

             Benchmark Dentures 2018, Norfolk                           Mission of Mercy 2018, Portsmouth  


enlightened Volunteers in health clinics and centers are always welcome.  Contact the site of interest to sign up!  A list of clinics and centers utilizing volunteer medical and dental professionals includes:

  1. Beach Health Clinic: beachhealthclinic.org
  2. Chesapeake Care: www.chesapeakecare.org
  3. Community Free Clinic of Newport News: cfcnn.org
  4. H.E.L.P. Clinic: www.helpushelpu.org 
  5. Lackey Clinic:  www.lackeyclinic.org
  6. Northern Neck-Middlesex Free Clinic: nnmfhc.org
  7. Olde Towne Medical & Dental Center: www.oldetownemedicalcenter.org
  8. Park Place Adult Dental Clinic: parkplaceclinic.org
  9. Western Tidewater Free Clinic: wtfreeclinic.org



I am a 25 year old female and I just got diagnosed as Hepatitis C positive. I'm very happy Access Partnership is there for me and can help me during this scary time. Thank you!

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